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This used to come on Disney.



woooooooord lmao

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Under The Skin is one of the most unique movies that I’ve ever seen but I’m not necessarily sure if I liked it as much as I thought I would…

It’s visually arresting, truly haunting in its stillness and features an otherworldly performance from ScarJo but it’s borderline glacial pacing combined with the fact that it’s a little TOO vague with it’s message (though I pretty much got the jist of it once I’d left the theater) made it a bit of a chore to sit through. For a good majority of the film I found myself trying to make heads or tails of what this movie was even about and the fact that I couldn’t understand roughly 90% of what anyone was saying due to their heavy accents definitely didn’t help things. With that being said, as I said earlier, it’s too well made and unique for me to lambast it too much. I’m just not sure if I’d recommend it to anyone who isn’t a film geek.

Rating: B

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Marilyn Monroe - Pharrell Williams

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Katy Perry’s first and last attempt at crowd surfing

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Best couple ever.

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Fire tonight in Greenpoint


Fire tonight in Greenpoint

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Girl || Jamie xx

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ash never thinks

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ScHoolboy Q - Studio (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid)



"Riley, hit the lights! Huey, electronics!"

I see Riley has been taking some lessons from Huey.

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How many of y’all have dated/talked to a white girl/boy? And how was it?

it was pretty ok

kind of a culture shock, what with her being from “the other side of the tracks” so to speak

we only mentioned race when i was…

Dated seriously/ fooled around with a few. My most recent ex was white/Italian. Had to deal with her covertly racist mother. Surprisingly her father didn’t give a shit who she dated which was cool. She went to a predominantly black school in PG county so race never really came up between us. Things got hairy towards the end of the relationship, but it didn’t fall apart on account of race. The one girl I “fooled” around with was cool. Never dated, if you want to call it that, a black guy before and at one point told me her father would never approved so I took that as a cue to bounce.

Tbh, dating them is fine if there family is forward thinking. If not, spare yourself the headache.

Talked to a couple and dated one seriously. In my experience race hasn’t exactly been brought up between the two of us except for a few stray questions here and there on their part. It was really other people like her friends or family members that would really make things awkward at times but even that wasn’t unbearable. My most recent ex’s biological father was very set in his ways and old fashioned so he didn’t approve but the rest of her immediate family treated me like a normal human being (save a few comments about how “well spoken” that I was). We would get some dirty looks when we walked down the street though but it wasn’t a super frequent thing. I think there will always be some contention on one or both sides where interracial relationships are concerned but as long as you both feel it’s worth it then I say go for it. Like Jhovi said though it’ll work out better if the families are forward thinking.

I really hope that I get famous so black tumblr can hate the shit out of me

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